Who am I


I am a 40+ year old Englishman living in Braunschweig, Germany. I originally came here with the British Army and was stationed inIserlohnnear Dortmund, and decided to stay after my service was finished. After three years or so of German civillian life I got homesick, after spliting up with K, (you know who you are), and decided to go back to Leedsin England, where I originally come from.

After spending 18 months trying to find work I started a course in basic computing. My tutor said that as I was getting the hang of things so quickly I should continue with the learning and go to university. Taking his advice I made enquiries and started an "Access" course at the "Leeds College Of Technology". For those of you that don't know what an "Access" course is, it is simply a preperatory year to:

This I passed with flying colours and went on to my selected University. The Staffordshire Univiersity was what you expect a "Uni" to be, and the first two semester went O.K. There was only one slight hiccup, when I had to take a resit. It was during the second semester that I heard about the E.R.A.S.M.U.S. scheme. This scheme gives students the chance to study at a foreign "Uni" or "Poly". "Not a bad idea" thought I. As I could speak German, and having lived out here for nearly 8 years altogether, I thought "why not give it a try."

After making all the neccessary arangements, I arrived here in Wolfenbuettel in September 1994. Everything at the Ostfalia Hochschul für angewandte Wissenschaften went well until I started trying to get the support I required from Stafford. The thing was the "Poly" here didn't have all the modules I needed to complete my course. So I had to do these by "Distance Learning". This was not a problem to me, but apparently to Stafford. After two semester, and probably about 100 e:mail requests for notes, help and guidance from myself. And dozens of phone calls, faxes and e:Mail messages from my Professor here. We came to the conclusion that Stafford lives up to the saying about "out of sight - out of mind".

In the middle of May I sent an e:Mail saying that if I didn't get the requested help, or at least a reply, within 2 weeks then I had no alternative but to cease studying. 6 (SIX) weeks later my Proffesor here got "snail mail" from Stafford requesting information as to why I was giving up my studies. We all know how long e:Mail takes to get to its destination, but I thought this was an insult to my intelligence.

After all the trouble with Stafford I didn't fancy going back to England so I found my self a Job and stayed here in Germany. Well that explains why I'm here. What have I been doing since then? Well the first job I had was "Barman" in a restaurant and bar. At the time of my leaving I had managed to work my way up to "Assistant Manager". Two months later the owner decided to sell up, and the new owner wanted to bring in his own people.

I had to find a new source of income, and asked about. A freind of mine told me about Tigersoft, and that they were looking for people. So I spent a few months working 2 days a week building or repairing computers. Now I spend 5 days a week doing the same thing. Sometimes I can be found drinking in Kelly´s Irish Pub, probably the best bar in town, and surfing the Internet.

If I'm not following one of the other persuits above, I'll probably be involved with a member of the opposite sex, in one way or another..... things just never seem to work out the way we plan them..... K, 8/11 I hope you read this one day. I wish to thank you for being the first REAL love of my life, I hope everything is going well for you. I think about you now and again an wonder just what has become of you. Thanks to M, 13/1 (you know who you are) it was the best few months of my life. And C, 20/10 (you know who you are) you are what I use as a nickname and you know it.........

Well It has been a few months since I added anything to this, so it must be time. I'm still at Tigersoft and things are just getting too much for the two of us. The boss is trying to find someone else. It might help but I doubt it. Women! Things on that front haven't changed much at all, unfortunately. The only one that I want is going through a phase (I hope it is just a phase) at the moment. I mentioned her before and she still knows who she is. I just hope it can be more than just a few months......

Well the few months stayed that way, "just a few months" and I have moved on again. This one is a Teacher of Special needs kids. H, 14/4 I am realy sorry that I never got to meet your mother properly, and for your loss. It hasn´t been easy for you the last few months, and I am sorry to have to say that, given my past track history, the next few will probably not be much easier. But I will do my best to try and make them "irgend wie anders". Now this bit will not mean much to anybody outside of Wolfenbüttel, "Greetings to all the kids at the "Peter Räuber Schule""

Another few months have gone by and things are looking good at the moment! I have been working on a few other things and this page has been left on a back burner ;-( H and I have been together for a year now and like I said things a looking good ;-) Very good.

Tigersoft is just going from bad to worse. For every job I finish there are 2 new ones, and it is not getting any better. The boss is still of the impression that the more he sells the better things are and we all know that its Quality and not Quantity that counts. The new bloke didn´t work out he is on his way out. But we´re getting another one and, he has even less of a plan than the last.......

Well it is nearly Xmas and I am going away for the new year, (Malta) ;-)) so this page will probably not be getting updated untill 2000. Have a nice Christmas and Don´t get too pissed finding the new year :))

Just one final word. I am now engaged. I asked H to marry me and she said yes. *riesenfreu*

We went for the date in July.................. And the rest is history or is this history in the making? I do not know, but what I do know is that thanks to my (now) wife I am the happiest man alive

You can learn a little about what she does and where she does ist by clicking here.

Ohhh and by the way the homepage for the School was all her own work......
Its now being done by someone else.

Happy New Year my Darling

Well hello again. It has been many years since the last update and thankfully not too much has changed. Mrs K and I are still happily together (at least I am happy, and hope she is too.)

We got married in July as planned everything went well, all the family turned up, and scrubbed up well too.

Well just to do a little catching up on the Family and friends fronts.

I'm not trying to reduce the importance of the above events by putting them in a list like that, it's just that after a pause of nearly 10 years so many things have happened.

Well since the end of May 2010, I no longer work for Tigersoft. After 14 years you could say "about time too". Well thats about the same as I thought too.

I now work for Stecado. Still in Computers but a different field of work, more of a challange, much more enjoyable.